Hurry! The 14th TBS DigiCon6 Deadline is Approaching

It’s still not too late for you digital content creators to send your entries in for the 14th TBS DigiCon6. But don’t wait around too long though, submissions close on 3 August 2012, which isn’t too long from now, so you better get your render farms working in overdrive.

The TBS DigiCon6 is an annual competition aimed to recognise the talents of digital content creators throughout Asia, which includes Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia. Winner of the Malaysian competition will be sponsored a round trip to Japan to participate in the regional event held in Tokyo.

Here’s last year’s winning entry Timun Mas done by Glue Studios to get you hyped:

Submissions close on 3 August, so stop mucking about on 9Gag and get back to finishing your masterpiece. For more information and details on submissions go to MSC Malaysia’s page for the event here