Hundreds of Free Art Books Are Available Online Thanks to the Guggenheim

Images Guggenheim archive + Jenny Holzer

Just a little history behind the foundation: It was named after Solomon R. Guggenheim, who from 1937 to 1949 gave out a number of artwork that included some of the time’s most vibrant European modernism. In the ‘40s however, a proper building was needed to house Guggenheim’s eccentric artwork, hence the development of a museum in New York City which also carries the artist’s name. The establishment by Guggenheim is now home to art preservation, modern and contemporary art, ideas, and educational programmes.

The Italian metamorphosis, 1943-1968
Premises : invested spaces in visual arts, architecture, & design from France, 1958-1998

To add to its growing online library, over 200 books are uploaded onto the archives where you can browse a wide range of artists and topics. Whether it’s for an art project or nah, get your fix of post-impressionism from Paul Gaugin, cubism from Georges Braque, and abstract masterpieces from Alfred Jensen. Limited to not just paintings or art on paper, there’s also the Nasher collection of sculptures, as well as gender performance in photography in the ‘90s.

Rrose is a rrose is a rrose : gender performance in photography
Josef Albers : glass, color, and light
Australian visions : 1984 Exxon international exhibition

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