Hugo Fragrance & JUICE presents HUGO The Search Is On! @ Zouk

Winning RM1000 by spraying an 8″ x 4″ blank canvas may seem like an easy job, but it isn’t. Five street artists came together for a live graffiti showdown in conjunction with Hugo Limited Spray fragrance launch. It’s brilliant to see that Hugo Fragrance is reaching out to the streets with this event held on the first day of June in one of KL’s leading club, Zouk.

Event emcee of the day, Trix of rap duo, Dose Two, did a great first effort job by keeping the atmosphere moving as the 5 contestants were going at it with their spray cans. Great fumes from the spraying surrounding the mainroom of Zouk KL welcoming the guests while DJ Terence C sets the mood with some sexy and dark dance music as you enter. The nice Tribe Tattoo & Body Piercing people from Melaka were there too and gave 50% off all tattoos and piercings done on that day. Even JUICE Marketing Manager, April, got herself one at her back. On one side, with a rad selection of clothes and accessories, Show Pink was in hand with a store for those of you who always have that itch to shop.

The five graff gentlemen were going at it at the early hours and as it gets to the end with the details, it slowed down and became a little intense. Who would have known graffiti would have been so tedious as well huh? Everyone waited patiently to see what each of them has to offer from the spraying geniuses. Upcoming hip hop duos Dose Two gave us an entertaining 10 minutes performance while waiting for the results from the judges.

The winner was Tha-B who walked away with a Hugo Limited Spray Edition fragrance, RM1000 cash money and a display of the work in Zouk for a few days. The other consolation prizes for the rest of the graffiti artists which included Siek, Bibichun, Kioue (pronounced Ka-yo) and Carpet, were a bottle of the fragrance each and RM200. Not bad at all. Despite the very loose crowd on that Sunday afternoon, it was definitely an interesting change of activity on a Sunday in Zouk KL. Everyone should be adventurous even for just a little bit.

Thanks Hugo for keeping it fresh!

View more images from that day here.

This free entry Hugo Fragrance and JUICE graffiti competition event was held on the 1st of June at Zouk KL’s mainroom from 11am to 4pm with guests Dose Two and DJ Terence C.

Text Kevin Yeoh
Images Ili Farhana