How Much Water Goes Into Making A Cup Of Coffee?

Ah… Coffee! That magical brew that keeps us from going insane in the morning. But how much water actually goes into making a cup of joe? Read on… you’ll be surprised!

Well, let’s consider the ingredients. There’s water, milk and sugar. But the milk and especially sugar that we’re referring to comes from factory somewhere (as opposed to natural sugar from sugar cane). And what about the cup itself? That plastic lid that keeps our brew from spilling all over the place in our cars requires vast amounts of water and oil to produce. What about the rest of the cup and the paper sleeve too?

If you were to add everything up, it takes nearly 53 gallons to make single to-go cup. Now that’s a lot of water!

So what can we do to make a difference? After all, we don’t want watered-down coffee as much as we don’t want to give up on coffee completely. It’s not like it’s a drug… uh well….

For starters, we can bring our own cups the next time we buy coffee. And as consumers, we can also make sure to only buy coffee that’s grown sustainably.

More importantly, since coffee keeps us alert, we need to stay alert to look out for alternative ways to cut down on water wastage, right? Right.