How Deep Is Your Love?

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How deep is your love for music? Love Da Records answers that questions as it opens in Malaysia by throwing a launch party right at our doorstep.

The launch happens on the 18th of December 2009, 9.30pm at Barsonic KL. If you think you’re cool and trendy enough with much love for music, then you’re invited. A night of great music by the top artists Love Da Records represent will played. They include Tiesto, Metric, Katatonia, AIR, Phoenix, Bad Lieutenant, Way Out West, DJ Tiga and many more.

Love Da Records was established in 1998 and founded by CEO Tommy Chan who had a passion for the electronic and dance music industry.Tommy himself was a electro/techno DJ. Prior to that, Tommy released the first ever non-stop DJ mix album in HK and organised the first big-scale One Nation handover party in 1997.

Focusing on dance music, Love Da Records started as the exclusive distribution representative for labels such as MOS, Hed Kandi, Global Underground, Warp, Ninja Tune, Renaissance and more. In 1998, Lova Da Records acted as dance consultant for BMG Asia Pacific. To date, Love Da Records represents a total of 150 individual labels in the world, covering all different genres of popular music from pop to indie rock to dance music.

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