House Of Straws

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Most people would think that this house in Switzerland was made from durable material to withstand the harsh winter conditions. But lo and behold, this is actually a green house made from compressed straw bales.

Far from being a house of cards, Felix Jerusalem’s Stroh Haus has a hidden advantage as the compressed straw bales do not only make up the building’s exterior surface, but also serve as the structure’s soundproofing insulation.

The interior has a modern feel with lots of space to chill and entertain guests. Its windows and doors are made from large open sheets of glass to allow natural light to flow in thus saving electricity. And that’s not all, the house even has a hanging fireplace!

This humble abode takes the cake in terms of being environmentally responsible. We only wish we could find out more, especially about the availability of compressed straw bales, but alas, the text on the Stroh Haus site is in German! Nevertheless, let’s hear it for this unique green house!