Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Championship 2019: Local teams compete to represent Malaysia in SEA Tour Grand Finals

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Another year and another brand new Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Championship (Southeast Asia) 2019 comes rolling in where teams from all around Southeast Asia compete for the title of the best in the region.

Hard work and persistence paid off for Muhammad Rafan Tan Bin Mohd Ruzaini and Jasper Lim Yong Quan who managed to book a spot and fight for the coveted title of ‘2019 Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Southeast Asia Champion’ which will be happening in Manila.

The National Finals culminated on 28th Sept at IOI City Mall Putrajaya which saw fierce competition from all the participants who were pitted against each other to be in part of the finalists the Philippine capital. The event was also held in more than 30 locations across 5 countries where teams from all around SEA were eyeing a spot in the grand finals.

There were thrilling challenges for participants this year which saw them utilise their creativity, experimentation skills and competitive spirit to become the best. The challenges were also made to develop skills and confidence in children to complete the race against the odds and all obstacles to win.

“At Mattel, we are inspired to uplift confidence in children by teaching them the values of creativity, experimentation and competition. By igniting and nurturing the challenger spirit in them, we believe that it will unleash their full potential to overcome real-life obstacles,” said Cherlyn Chong, Head of Vehicles Category of Mattel Southeast Asia.

Separated in two age-based categories: 5-8 years old for JR division and 9-12 years old for the SR division, there was a sense of excitement and thrill where the competition was stiff between contestants who were cheered on by spectators.

Eventually, Muhammad Rafan Tan Bin Mohd Ruzaini from JR Category and Jasper Lim Yong Quan SR Category came out on top which gave them the chance to represent the country at the Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Championship (South East Asia) 2019 on 20th October in Manilla.

Those who prevailed were not only given the opportunity to compete and become the best in SEA, but they will also get to experience the new Hot Wheels Smart Track – HWiD which will only be launched in 2020. Apart from that, the participants also have a chance to meet and greet US Designer Brendon Vetuskey during the grand finals.

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