Hot Off The Racks: MFSB x Will Smith ‘Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It’ (French Horn Rebellion Re-Edit)


David and Robert Perlick-Molinari of French Horn Rebellion always have something fun up their sleeves and they’ve got this gem that’s bound to be a staple in every summer playlist.

The story goes, Robert was in his car a few weeks back with the radio on in Brooklyn when he heard smooth jazz being played by the station he was listening to. He loved it so much that he spent the next 24 hours trying to find info on the song. It would have saved him time if he had Shazam or Soundhound though…

That smooth jazz track was none other than ‘Old San Juan’ by MFSB – also the composers of the iconic ‘Soul Train’ theme song. Robert then showed David the track with the idea that it would sound great with Will Smith’s vocals on top. And the rest they say, is history.

Now ain’t this the best Will Smith re-edit we’ve ever heard? Have a listen, and tell us what you think.

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