“Illogical & Unfair”: Hospital Issues Ban On Food Delivery At The Expense of Staff & Patients

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If you ever have to stay at a hospital, you would expect to be taken care of and fed. But for healthcare workers, the cafeteria at Sungai Buloh Hospital closes at 6pm, and the most accessible option would be to order in.

But what if that was against hospital rules?

Last night, a tweet was posted by HartalDoktorKontrak claiming that Sungai Buloh Hospital has put a ban on food delivery services for their staff and patients.

The caption reads, “Those who make the decision have forgotten what it feels like to be on call and feel hungry, that’s why they made this decision.”

Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii took to Twitter to express his concerns about the matter, calling the ban illogical and unfair for healthcare workers.

The apparent reason why the hospital’s management would issue such a ban was to reduce food wastage and disorderly delivery packaging attracting pests into the hospital. In the snippet of the circular posts, this was amongst other reasons for the ban.

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You might be thinking, “This makes no sense.” and the problem of food wastage and pests should be handled accordingly, not at the expense of patients and employees.

Dr Yii posted another tweet following up on BFM’s report, pleading for the hospital management to find better alternatives to manage the issue at hand.

Do you think the ban is as ludicrous as we do, or do you agree with the proposed solution? Tell us your suggestions in the comments.