Honey Ain’t Comin’

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So you probably got the news about Erykah Badu not coming for Sunburst 2009 this Saturday. Boohoo. She was found Twittering about her 21 March show at SXSW 2009 Auditorium Shores Stage Concert Series and that just confirms it. She ain’t comin’!

What is this la? First, we were teased with all the rumours of Coldplay, and it’s bad enough we are only blessed with Korn and NERD. Surely they are big stars, but Korn? That’s just so over. Is NERD all we get then? Perhaps. The expectations are high for this year’s Sunburst after an amazing 2008 feat. It all seems a tad too rushed and everything sounds like it’s gonna be a mess. JUICE named Sunburst 2008 the Best Festival for a good reason. Sunburst 2008 captured true festival spirit like no other we’ve experienced here in KL, the rain was just a small matter. It was the first and it wasn’t perfect, but we dug it. They gave us Incubus, The Roots, John Legend, George Clinton, Raul Midon, Incognito, even Gigi, all under one roof (or 4 actually). It would really have helped if Coldplay made it. Hell, if the whole Wu-Tang Clan were here, it would be dope too. Not.

Reality check once again. E Badu ain’t coming. Let’s be optimistic now, shall we? You will still have the Silent Disco, NERD, Maliq & D’Essentials, Arabyrd, They Will Kill Us All, Hujan, Loops Collective and a whole lot more. It may just be us, but it starting to sound more like a local rock concert now eh? Oh, have you seen the amount of people trying to offload their tickets at dirt cheap prices? Crazy!

JUICE is gonna be there tomorrow, with our fingers crossed either way. Lord knows what we can expect, but we sure can hope for the best.