Hole Is Back!

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Courtney Love the bada$s chick singer from Hole and wife to the late Kurt Cobain is back with Nobody’s Daughter – the first new Hole album in over 10 years!

The first single from Nobody’s Daughter entitled ‘Skinny Little Bitch’ is now available for free download on the band’s website for the next 24 hours so get cracking on the downloading! JUICE has heard it and we can say that it’s a raw, dirty return to form with buzzing guitars, a heavy rhythm section and Courtney sounding like she wants to bite your head off. Yes, it’s that good! And if you miss downloading ‘Skinny Little Bitch’, the song will be available through other digital platforms on 16 March.

The new line-up of Hole includes 23-year-old British guitarist Micko Larkin (formerly of London indie rockers Larrikin Love), bassist Shawn Dailey (of Rock Kills Kid) and drummer Stuart Fisher (Jack Irons, formerly of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam, played drums on the album).

Nobody’s Daugther will be out 27 April 2010 on Mercury. For more info on the band, their new album and to download of ‘Skinny Little Bitch’, visit www.nobodysdaugther.com.