Hold Up, is That Sheena Liam of ASNTM in Big Boi’s New Music Video?

Who is that girl we see? Staring straight back at us dolled up like a geisha dancing in Big Boi’s new music video? It’s Asia’s Next Top Model cycle 2 winner, Sheena Liam — who apart from being a supermodel, also produces impressive embroidery art on Instagram. We get it, Sheena, you’re still winning.

‘Kill Jill’ is one of Big Boi’s most recent singles from his third studio album Boomiverse. It features a sample from Japanese holographic artist, Hatsune Miku, and was used as a visual aid to announce the one-half of OutKast’s solo return to the industry.

Now, we’re going to go back to wondering what it was like being in the same room as Killer Mike but you can watch the video below:

Boomiverse was released today, listen to it here. Checkout Sheena Liam in the ‘Tough Girls Club’ here.