HOAX Vision Pres. 005

After a long hiatus, HOAX is returning with its fifth iteration. Moving to Artebar this time around – the venue where seemingly all the young’uns gravitate towards on the TREC Electric Boulevard stretch – the gig retains HOAX004’s length of bill with its almost festival-long lineup. Twenty-four varied acts, to be exact. Though they’ve decided against including bands for this edition, the acts aren’t completely youth-centric like before as the likes of Blackworm (FKA Tubby), Cee, Aman RA, Arabyrd, and Slutski are slated to join younger names such as alextbh, Bastard, cønfucius & friends, Singapore’s Gema, Naufal & I-Sky, Reddi Rocket, and ZSYIA. VHS-obsessed skate videographer, Tep Yorke, will also make an appearance in an unspecified manner.

Full lineup below:


As an added bonus, HOAX005 comes with a level of drama via Kidd Santhe’s ‘Candy (The Diss)’ – an exclusive track made just for the show, which happens to be a diss track aimed at N3MO. How’s that for marketing?

Peep it below:

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