H&M’s ‘Bring It On’ Campaign Pushes Its Initiative to Collect 25,000 Tonnes of Unwanted Clothes

Fast-fashion retail tycoon, H&M, first launched its worldwide Garment Collecting initiative in 2013 with the objective of persuading consumers to donate their unwanted clothes to any of its outlets for them to be recycled instead of being disposed irresponsibly (i.e. burying it in landfills). Since then, H&M has managed to collect over 40,000 tonnes of clothing and have been reusing the materials which it’s received to create new garments.

The brand is now pushing itself to maintain the numbers up until the year 2020 by pursuing to collect over 25,000 tonnes of undesired clothing a year. With its ‘Bring It On’ campaign, H&M illustrates the process of what happens to clothes that are donated at its stores, how it’s being reused, and why it’s essential for every consumer to participate in closing the loop.

Watch the video below:

H&M is located all across Malaysia, find the store nearest to you here to donate your unwanted clothes.