H&M Conscious

As part of its sustainability commitment, H&M recently launched its first ever global collecting initiative. Staying true to their offerings, the H&M Conscious Foundation was born to reduce the impact of clothes throughout their life cycle. Present at the launch with full support were various celebrities and personalities such as Adam Carruthers, Carey Ng, Nadine Thomas, Marini Ramlan, Thanuja Ananthan and Maple Loo.

Every year, tonnes of textiles end up in landfills. However, as much as 95% of these textiles could be reused, re-worn and recycled. H&M’s main objective is to search for technical solutions to reuse and recycle textile fibres on a larger scale, hence, the birth of the Conscious Foundation – to support innovation on closing the loop on textiles and social projects along H&M’s value chain.

Through the foundation, customers are able to enjoy a small deal while giving back to the environment. H&M is giving out a 15% discount voucher (only applicable on one item) with each bag of clothes contributed to them. Any pieces of clothing are accepted, not taking into consideration its brand nor condition. The collected garments will be handled by H&M’s partner; I:Collect, which provides the infrastructure in which retail goods are repeatedly reprocessed and made available for new use.

The programme is now up and running at all H&M outlets – Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Setia City Mall and Paradigm Mall.


  • A maximum of 2 shopping bags given to H&M per day.
  • One voucher only per transaction.
  • Voucher not valid for uses such as purchase of gift cards, designer collaboration items or any items on offer.

For more information, log on to www.hm.com/my.