Adulthood is Hard, But Here Are 5 Reasons Why Life Insurance Will Make It Easier

We all want to spoil our families, have a good roof over our heads, and go on nice holidays overseas. The world is our oyster and anything can happen.

However, that’s exactly it. Anything can happen. As young and healthy as you may be, we can’t always control which accidents come our way, so it’s always wise to be prepared in case one does occur, especially when you’ve got people depending on you.

Life insurance is hands down worth your investment and lucky for us, HLA makes it easy with insurance being available at your fingertips, ’cause adulthood is already hard enough.

So why should you choose HLA’s life insurance?

1. Protect thy loved ones at an affordable price

If you’re the breadwinner, your family relies on you. If you leave prematurely due to an accident, your family would not only face a drastic loss but would also have to worry about paying the bills. They’d have to find other ways to pay for things such as housing bills, college fees, childcare, groceries, and even your funeral cost.

You might have been a responsible person when you were alive, but if you didn’t protect your family from this unseen event, it’ll bring a totally new problem. Don’t leave your family without life insurance ’cause losing you would already be hard enough.

With HLA’s Life Protector Plan, you are dodging a bullet for you and your loved ones. At a flat rate of RM60/year or RM0.17/day, you can easily be insured without hurting your wallet.

(source: HLA Touch)

2. Even death is expensive

Yes, even after you’ve passed away there will be costs to bear. Ironically, your family are the ones who will have to face the costs.

They’re going to have to pay for your funeral costs – whether in line with religious traditions or simply just to get a decent resting place – it is not cheap! We’re talking an average of thousands of ringgit.

Ease the loss beforehand by getting proper life insurance so that if anything happens, your dependents won’t need to fret about expenses.

3. Protect yourself in every event possible

HLA’s Life Protector Plan assures you that in the event of anything gravely unfortunate, you are safe and for a low premium payment too. If you become permanently disabled due to accident, you’ll receive 500% of the Sum Assured in the lump sum, with an amount of at least RM100,000.

(source: HLA Touch)

HLA’s Life Protector Plan’s insurance coverage will increase with every renewal, provided you do not experience an accident. In the unfortunate event that you do pass away, the plan will pay the lump sum payment to the next-of-kin.

4. Pay Off Your Debts

Once you’re gone, more so if it’s an abrupt departure, you might have leftover bills to settle. Maybe you just took an epic holiday with your family on credit or maybe you just have some business debts to pay?

Having life insurance would take care of living expenses – like mortgage so your family will still have a roof over their heads. Some business owners even get this for their partners (vice-versa) in order to sustain the company in the event one of them should go. 

5. The Pay Out Is FAST

If you leave this world without a proper will or if you don’t nominate your next-of-kin, or even if you have done these things, the pay out or transfer of assets might take up to 6 months. Your spouse would most likely be tasked with gathering all the right legal documents to claim ownership over your house, car, bank account, and other assets.

But with life insurance, the payout is fast. Almost instantly, from the time your demise has been confirmed, the full sum of payout would be issued to your next-of-kin so that they can settle your family’s necessary living expenses. 

[Bonus Reason] 6. You Get A Tax Rebate

While it’s better to be insured early on because you get better rates while you’re healthy, life insurance also gives you an income tax rebate. If you have life insurance, your life insurer will send you an annual statement that indicates how much premiums you have paid for both life insurance and medical insurance in the previous year. This can be used while filing your Borang BE – up to RM6,000 for life insurance (which is combined with EPF contributions) and RM3,000 for education and medical insurance may be claimed.

Life insurance is like a parachute; if you don’t have it the first time you need it, there is no second chance. Better safe than sorry.

So what are you waiting for? Do it now! Buying insurance online with HLA Touch is easy, affordable and totally hassle-free.