Hitz Radar On Youth Culture

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With the success of 8tv’s Quickie variety show, it’s a wonder why no one has tried to come up with an extended version of it. Seems simple enough. Get a bubbly hot host, hipster guests and source out those cool things that appeal to that ever-evasive youth market. Well, looks like fellow Media Prima channel Astro Hitz will be giving it a go soon. And the kids seem to be alright with it.

Hitz Radar is an infotainment show targeting the youth comprising five segments on current events, technology, music, trends and movies. It is about creating a buzz for our youth today and capturing everything under the radar. Whether it succeeds in doing that is another question as the youth of today are as diverse and as vague as the meanings behind Inception.

Nevertheless, the programme will be hosted by hottie Sarah Lian and will feature weekly guest co-hosts such as DJ Nas-T, Bo (Cosmic Space Monkeys, Bedroom Sanctuary) and Joe Flizzow to name a few. Astro Hitz’s Channel Manager, Cheong Cheng Vei said that, “The big idea is to experiment with different iterations of the channel and its programming to arm the youth with a leading voice to make a difference. With HItz Radar, we will be scouring the city’s hot spots and connecting with the youth… We want to be the mirror for the youth and present them with the drive to move forward. I’m confident Hitz Radar will serve as the ultimate arbiter of what’s relevant to the youth.”

Well, maybe ultimate if you don’t count JUICE, of course…

Hitz Radar airs every Friday at 3:30 pm with repeats on Saturdays at 10pm, Mondays and Thursdays at 8:00 pm on AstroHitz (Channel 705).