Hitting Up The Cobra

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That’s a snap we took (when we were stalking) of The Cobrasnake man himself when he was in town with the amazing Steve Aoki. We at JUICE have been fans of Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter for many years now. Meeting him last year at Zouk was mad surreal. We’ve been keeping in touch with him and since he’s coming down next week for UOX Play Future, we shot some questions at the celebrity party photographer who’s in Rio de Janeiro right now.

What were you doing before checking this e-mail?
I just finished running 5k on the treadmill… I’m still so sweaty.

Tell everyone what else you do besides taking party photos.
I have an amazing online vintage shop called Thecobrashop. I love to bike ride and go hiking with cute girls. I’m vegetarian and I just started to like to read books.

Do you still remember the last time you were in Kuala Lumpur?
Yes that party was so crazy… I’m really excited for round 2. This time let’s get extra crazy.

Got yourself any new muse or bringing one to KL?
Steve Aoki is my muse and my best friend.

Do you ever get tired of this rockstar lifestyle of yours?
No. I am very lucky to travel and party for a living. Thank you to everyone who have supported me along the way.

Do you like groupies?
Only on days of the week that end with the letter “Y”.

We see a lot of Adidas on your site. Are you attached to the brand?
Currently I’m in Brazil and I have been shooting some amazing parties for Adidas. I love the brand and it’s so fun to work with them. It’s a match made in heaven.

What’s coming up with your clothing line?
I’ve got a line coming in 2010, it’s going to be so nice as it’s with RVCA and we got some crazy tricks up our sleeves, so get ready – it will be available online for sure.

Will you be bringing tees to sell this time?
I’ll have some Cobrasnake merchandise for sure. I might even bring some special vintage items and sunglasses!

Does it mean you wear free clothes all the time?
Most of the clothes I wear come from thrift shops around the world.

If you can switch place with a superstar, who would it be?

If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

What’s your favourite juice?
Apple lemon ginger.

Last words to JUICE readers in Malaysia?
Malaysia, let’s crowd surf and burn the place down. Aoki is going to be on fire!

Think you can send over a photo of yourself to us?
Here’s a photo of me from my private collection. It’s for the ladies.

Oh meow, Mark… See you soon buddy! To everyone else, make sure you look your best and start storing energy for UOX Play Future at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena next Saturday 30 May!

Guys, don’t forget to hit up his website at www.thecobrasnake.com and www.uox.com.my to find out more about the last leg of UOX Play called Future. Also check out the Lapsap x Dim Mak Junkyard at Palate Palette the next day on Sunday 31 May from 12nn to 6pm. You do not want to miss next weekend at all. Trust us.

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