hijack your television set

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I hardly get any TV in anymore, and the last time I followed a television series seriously was The X-Files, Season 3. It might be due to the fact that (a) I have a life now, (b) TV is so lacking in intelligence these days, or (c) I’m stuck to my PC. Probably (c), to be completely honest. But go ahead and integrate your online and idiot box urges by clicking on www.teevee4me.com. It’s got links to streaming (sorry, no downloading) TV episodes for about 3 dozen TV series. Consider how many episodes there are for The Simpsons alone and you get an inkling of how this site will destroy your social life. Sure, you can catch up on series that you’re already familiar with like Scrubs, Mythbusters and That 70s Show, but if I may suggest, go ahead and watch the stuff not available on local TV. Metalocalypse and Aqua Teen Hunger Force are the two funniest animated series I’ve ever seen. And Seth Green’s Robot Chicken is like In Living Color crossed with Sesame Street. Marvelous. According to the people running the website, Teevee4Me dodges any legal impropriety usually associated with offering syndicated TV shows online by, well, not offering any syndicated TV shows online. Everything is linked on the site and hosted elsewhere, so the big media companies will have to go sue someone else and leave the guy putting up the signboards pointing to the shows alone. Okay, so you know where to click, and you know you don’t have to feel guilty, so go get some teevee4you.

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