Hernán Cattáneo: Parallel (Renaissance)

Hernán’s return to the Masters Series in 2010 brings with it an exciting new development. This year the ever-creative South American has slowed things down to present a distinctly cosmic discoesque take on his inimitable sound.

Taking a step into a new and fresh direction, Parallel was inspired by Henry Saiz. Hernán hit upon the idea of dropping everything back 15-20 BPMs on the first disc, ‘Day’. In order to gain such insight he had lock himself away and started going through loads of music to bring to you the all new Master Series in 2 CDs, which will be released on 5 July 2010.

Disc One is a beautiful, shimmering ride through Cattáneo’s audio world. Its musical style is the contract and the complement of disc two’s club-inspired ‘Night’. But what’s all the more remarkable is how he’s also managed to work five (out of a whopping eleven) original productions, remixes and edits into the mix considering the unique nature of the material. Also bear in mind that working out of the comfort zone of approximately 125 BPM is not easy. One of the challenges would be to the current preferences of dance music lovers towards exclusives on compilations, but his objective is set to escape the norm. And being optimistic plus all that effort put in gave him success against all odds.

Although ‘Night’ finds Hernán in a more familiar territory, it draws upon the remaining six exclusives to ensure his fresh authorship and feel of the mix continues throughout, and comes backed by tantilising gems from likes of Way Out West, Henry Saiz, Quivver and Tone Depth, to name but a few.

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For more info, visit renaissance.dj or hernancattaneo.com.

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Check out Hernán kickin’ it live @ Paradiso Beach Club back in 2009: