Here’s Why Collagen Is The Hottest Haircare Trend Right Now

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In the beauty industry, collagen is a popular ingredient that’s well known for its benefits to our skin

For many, collagen is seen as a magic ingredient that’s able to do so many awesome things for our skin. This includes reducing wrinkles, adding lots of hydration, and helping with smoothness. Most of all, it’s great for elasticity, which is what gives your skin that young, bouncy look.

Recently, collagen has been making waves and gaining popularity in haircare

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Did you know that collagen is not just a protein that’s good for your body? It’s also produced in your hair, to help it grow and stay healthy.

But as with anything else in your body, this ability decreases as you age. 🙁

This is why collagen supplements, hair treatments, and products are now on the rise. It’s an easy way for people to give their hair an all-important collagen boost.

More and more brands are coming out with collagen hair products, including Sunsilk, who is one of the first to ride on this trend locally with their new collagen range.

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So how exactly does collagen help your hair? Here are some of its benefits:

1. It promotes hair growth and regeneration, which makes your tresses longer, thicker, and stronger

Who doesn’t want hair that’s thick, strong, and voluminous? We’d all love to have hair that looks like it came straight out of a shampoo ad. Collagen helps your hair achieve these coveted qualities by acting as an anti-oxidant to fight free radicals, which is a huge cause of hair damage.

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2. It helps to protect your hair from damage, as well as enhances your natural shine, keeping it looking gorgeously smooth

Even if you haven’t done potential hair-damaging things like colouring, perming, or straightening, your hair isn’t safe from damage. The smallest things like blow drying, daily styling, or even just exposure to harsh natural elements can cause damage.

Collagen helps by coating the damaged strands and penetrating deeply to replenish your hair’s moisture levels. Not only does this help to nourish and repair damage, your hair will also have an added layer of protection from future damage.

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3. Say goodbye to bad hair days because collagen reduces split ends, hair breakage, and frizz

Split ends are really the worst ugh! Even if the rest of your hair is okay, just those super dry ends can be enough to bring down your whole look.

In a worst case scenario, you could end up having to chop off quite a bit of hair in the hopes that it’ll grow back healthier. That sucks for those of us who prefer keeping our hair long, especially when it takes ages to grow back.

Collagen haircare is able to save your hair by moisturising the split ends instead. It’s also great for those with frizzy and/or dry hair, as it can go a long way in giving you sleeker, more manageable hair.

TL;DR: For hair that’s silky smooth, glossy, and shiny, collagen is the answer!

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Looking to add collagen to your haircare routine? Try Sunsilk’s first-ever collagen conditioner and see the results for yourself.

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After shampooing, apply it evenly on your hair, especially on the ends. Leave on for a while then rinse off thoroughly. Use daily for the best results that you’ll be able to see from the first use itself.

There are three different varieties. Each one caters to a different haircare need, so while they all include Collagen Fillers, each variant is combined with a different Complex to create a powerful blend that best suits each hair problem.

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1. Sunsilk Super Conditioner Power Shine
Infused with: Collagen Filler and Super Shine Complex
Deeply nourish your dull strands, resulting in instantly smooth, shiny, and glossy hair from the first use.

2. Sunsilk Super Conditioner Volume Booster
Infused with: Collagen Filler and Light Weight Volume Complex
Your hair will be smooth and volumised, without that icky, greasy feeling. Leave your worries of having limp and flat hair behind, with this, you can effortlessly add volume to your hair.

3. Sunsilk Super Conditioner Damage Rescue
Infused with: Collagen Filler and Nourishing Complex
This super conditioner will treat hair breakage and coat your hair. Achieve your dream style with hair that looks like it has never been damaged before.

Pick up your preferred variant of Sunsilk Super Conditioner today and start your journey towards achieving glossy, shiny, and silky smooth hair!

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