Here Come The Hotsteppers…

Smello clubland! It looks like we’re in for a triple threat within the coming weeks – visits from Major Lazer, Zombie Nation and The Rapture! And they say clubbing is for yuppies these days. Those jaded Movement/Backroom fogies better get with the programme!

Yes, it’s exciting times once again in the dance scene. But just as the good news comes in, so does the bad. It has come to our attention that several prominent clubs in KL were raided recently. The reason? The usual rounding-up of recreational drug users and other misfits. Let’s just hope the club operators put the heat off. It’s very irritating when your getting your tits off dancing to some good music, then suddenly, like a cat caught off guard while licking its scrotum, the lights come on and the party’s put on hold indefinitely. Screw raids! They are unrealistic, unwarranted, unlawful and most of all, a major bummer for children of the night.

Anyway, back to the acts. First up, one half of superstar electro dubsteppers Major Lazer, DJ Diplo will be shaking up the dancefloor at Zouk on Friday 25 June 2010. With his heavy Jamaican influence, he has collaborated with artists such as MIA, Santigold and Ward 21, and is bound to get your roots up and raw. The dancefloor won’t just be heated, it’ll melt!

Two days later on Thursday 27 May at Mist Club, Munich legend and production maestro DJ Florian Senfter (aka Zombie Nation) will be making his Malaysian debut. Expect nothing but the hardest hitting beats and the noisiest electro tweeks as he rides high on his latest release Zombielicious. The is the same German dude that collaborated with Tiga to give us the nerve-wrecking ‘Lower State of Consciousness’ (with a remix by Justice) and the uncontrollable tech-attacker ‘The Worm’.

In the midst of all of this, Freedom is organising an event that embodies the spirit of it’s new website ( Aptly named Freedom 360, it’ll span across 6 locations around the peninsular from 21 May until 18 June. The first 5 events are lead ups featuring both local and international acts which include Karpe DM (Aus), DJ Chris Cutz (US) and DJ E-Turn (Taiwan). The final event is set to happen at KL Live and will feature world renowned Above & Beyond as the main act.

Finally, after 2manydjs rocked us last January, Heineken Green Room will be bringing in dance punk revivalists The Rapture on 31 July! The pre-Killers artsy ravers have been racking up the NYC dance scene since the late 90s and are about to release a highly anticipated new album – their first in 4 years – following recording sessions in Paris.