Here Are 6 Easy & Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Everyday Life Greener

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Malaysia is slowly but surely on its way to becoming an eco-friendly country

While many are under the impression that going green means spending more money, this just isn’t true! Given the fact that most eco-friendly products are reusable instead of a one-time use, they can actually end up being cheaper in the long run.

Being sustainable doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your entire way of living and make huge changes to your lifestyle. It’s really easy to adopt green habits into your daily routine, and small swaps can go a long way.

When it comes to cleaning products, Breeze has taken an eco-friendly approach for their detergents, which you can get at an affordable price. You’ll even get Shopee vouchers when you buy Breeze products! Find out more at the end of this story. 😉

But first, check out these simple swaps you can make in your everyday life:

1. Instead of plastic straws, use reusable ones such as metal/silicone straws

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You’ve probably noticed that many food outlets have replaced their plastic straws with more sustainable alternatives such as paper straws, which can be recycled. If you prefer to use straws on a long-term basis, consider investing in a pack of metal or silicone straws.

You won’t have to worry about your metal straws rusting, as they are made out of stainless steel. If you prefer a more flexible and bendable straw, the silicone type are the next best thing, especially for kids! You can easily clean these straws with a mini cleaning brush before you reuse them again.

2. Instead of makeup wipes, use washable cotton rounds

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How many times have we used disposable makeup wipes, only to throw them away once we’re done? An alternative and sustainable option are washable cotton rounds, since you can easily wash and reuse them again.

Durable, soft, and washable, cotton rounds have many uses, from removing makeup to applying products such as toner. Just toss ’em in the washing machine, and they’re ready to use once more!

3. Instead of cleaning agents, use baking soda

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From getting rid of musty smells around the house to removing stubborn stains on containers, and even cleaning kitchen counters, baking soda is definitely a must-have natural ingredient for cleaning.

It’s capable of being a natural deodoriser for getting rid of nasty smells such as garbage odour as well as clean and freshen up various places in your home.

4. Instead of regular trash bags, use biodegradable trash bags

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When we throw out the garbage, we don’t think about what happens afterwards. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Unfortunately, using traditional trash bags is not an eco-friendly practice, as the waste is unlikely to biodegrade since it is trapped in the plastic bag.

You won’t have this problem with biodegradable trash bags, as it will actually break down along with the waste once it is discarded. Just be sure that the biodegradable trash bags you purchase are made of plant-based or recyclable materials.

5. Instead of disposable coffee cups, use steel mugs

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Did you know that disposable coffee cups are lined with a form of plastic called polyethylene? This type of plastic makes it impossible to recycle these coffee cups, as it can get tangled in equipment at recycling facilities.

Just imagine how many disposable coffee cups you’d save from being discarded in the trash by bringing your very own coffee mug instead. You can opt for steel mugs so that you can keep your beverage hot or cold, according to your preference.

6. Instead of plastic bags, use vegetable mesh bags

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While you can technically still request for plastic bags at grocery stores for around 20-50 sen apiece, why bother when you can bring your own bags?

Many stores sell these cotton mesh bags at pretty affordable prices, and you can be sure that these reusable bags will last a long time. Here’s a tip: Keep these bags in your vehicle, so you won’t forget them if you decide to go shopping on a whim!

With many people opting to go green nowadays, brands are also stepping up to ensure that their products are eco-friendly.

This includes Breeze, which has recently launched their Dirt For Good campaign and introduced a new and improved eco-friendly formula for their detergent.

Image via @natasyanazreen (Instagram)

Made from plant based active and natural extracts, this eco-friendly formula is much kinder to the environment. Plus, the bottle and cap are 100% recyclable!

Aside from being environmentally-friendly, their formula also includes Triple Boost Technology, which allows for fast cleaning! Its anti-malodor properties ensure that it does not have an unpleasant smell, and instead a fresh fragrance which will leave your clothes smelling soooo good 😀

Image via Breeze Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

With seven types of detergent available, you can easily choose to make this swap with Breeze’s eco-friendly, new and improved formula 🙂

Image via Firdaus Yusoff (Provided to SAYS)
Image via Firdaus Yusoff (Provided to SAYS)

Plus, you no longer need to buy new bottles once you’re finished, as Breeze is introducing bigger refill packs for even better savings!

Image via Firdaus Yusoff (Provided to SAYS)

Their new refill packs use 80% less plastic, so you can continue reducing your plastic usage for a greener lifestyle, yasss. 😀

As part of their current promo, the refill packs are affordably priced at just RM17.50 per pack. The packaging of the refill packs are super convenient, as they can stand on their own and they have a built-in nozzle, so you can pour the contents of the packs into the Breeze bottle with ease.

Pssst, did you know that if you purchase Breeze products via Shopee, you will receive exclusive vouchers? :O

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That’s right, all you have to do is spend a minimum of RM50 on Breeze products, and you can redeem RM8 Shopee vouchers! All you have to do is fill up your details here and you’ll receive the voucher code to use upon checkout.

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