Hennessy Artisty Shanghai @ Pudong Expo, China

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JUICE has been jet-setting this year and squeezed in some time at the ass end of the year to hit the icy Shanghai. After midnight flight we arrived to be whisked off for world-famous ‘siew loong pau’ at Temples Bazaar. After a serving of 40 dumplings between 5 of us, we were checked into The Portman Ritz-Carlton. With only an hour to freshen up, we knew this was gonna be a tornado of a trip – blow in, blow out.

Pudong itself is magnificent, with its futuristic architecture, and our arrival at the Pudong Expo was similarly impressive. With LED lightings, smoke machines and amazing screens, we arrived at the PC to have Hennessy Apple, Ginger and Soda drinks thrust in our hands for a refreshing pick me up. All the performing artists on the bill were there minus the headlining Jay Chou and each took turns to give us a taste of what was to come as they talked about their collaboration with Hennessy Artistry and gave impromptu performances. It was then off to the adjacent room for interviews, and with a mere 10 minutes for each artist to be shared between multiple media JUICE just about managed to squeeze in one question for Wyclef Jean.

Shopping is a contact sport and Day 2 saw us working out our wallet and dodging wave after wave of fellow shoppers and persuasive shopkeepers. We practically had to squeeze in dinner but there was so much food coming out from the kitchen it felt a little like an eating competition. Still, that’s how much Shanghai people eat, which is ridiculous!

When we get to the venue, DJs Tom Price and Havana have wrapped up their set and Taiwanese rebel Mavis Fan is on stage serving up alt-Canto-pop. The set-up is simply mind-blowing, and it’s clear Hennessy Artistry have pulled out all the stops with the stage, bars and lighting. Head turning! Heavily anticipating Wyclef Jean to turn it up after, JUICE was a little disappointed with his performance, which felt a little bit flat. We would have given ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ a miss but his effort of classic ‘Summertime’ with Mavis was commendable. Korean r ‘n b cutie Lena Park took charge of a sugar-coated performance followed by Krystal Myers, who delivered a somewhat lacklustre commercially-charged rock performance.

The biggest screams were saved for Asian king, Jay Chou. Hanging with familiar looking Chinese celebrities in the VIP, it was just a damn shame JUICE was unable to identify who’s who. After Jay’s sing-a-long performance, all the artists came together for a string of medleys before it was curtains down. Unlike KL where JUICE is used to the madness of late night partying, in Shanghai when the event ends, it ends. All in all the new Hennessy Cocktails we got to sample were definitely delish and the effort taken to build this event series deserving major thumbs up. We can’t wait to see what KL’s next Hennessy Artistry installment has to offer. J

Hennessy Artistry Shanghai was held on 6 December 2008 at Pudong Expo, China. Much love to Hennessy Artistry, DDBPR and Shanghai! Check up on www.hennessyartistry.com.my for future events. Check the Gallery here.

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