Hennessy Artistry @ Zouk

Text David Chin
Images Hennessy

With a good year behind them, Hennessy brought three fantastic acts together to close their Artistry series. Hennessy Artistry was the cognac’s way of showing their dedication to good music by bringing some of the finest artistes down to jam for you in KL. Nothing less than a multi-genre session was acceptable, with a rock band, and r’n’b singer and DJ performing the series swansong.

Local rock band Broken Scar took the stage first and blew critics and audiences away with their tight arrangements and edgy tunes. The four-piece band performed their their chart-topping number ‘Scratch’ and other tunes from their Midnight at St Kilda album to an appreciative audience before passing it on to Kat DeLuna, a 19-year old r’n’b chanteuse who performed her hit singles ‘Whine Up’ and ‘Run The Show’ as well as her latest single ‘Am I Dreaming’ with a few lucky fans getting the chance to dance with the star onstage.

Finally, to clean the party up, DJ Sky Nellor, a model turned DJ who plays for parties to the stars turned the heat up with her Top 40 remixes and her sexy style. And just for attending the party, the crowd was rewarded with superb Hennessy City Cocktails-Paris, Shanghai, Miami and Moscow-recipes that reflect the culture of their city namesakes. Hennessy Artistry really lived up to their ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ tagline by combing cool Hennessy City Cocktails and hot music to create a fusion of experience for party-goers.

Hennessy Artistry took place on Friday 14 December at Zouk. For info, log onto www.hennessyartistry.com. This report was published in the March 2008 issue of JUICE.