Hennessy Artistry @ Shanghai Pudong Exhibition Centre

Image Hennessy

Hennessy takes a musical tour to China with their celebrated Artistry series descending in Shanghai, the country’s biggest metropolis, for an evening of good music and fantastic cocktails. The night’s spectacular music performances created a climactic global journey from LA, Jo’burg, Seoul, KL and finally Shanghai that included a blend of musical talents in genres spanning from hip-hop to pop-punk, rock to R&B.

Power-pop sensation Bowling for Soup kicked-off the evening with an explosive set followed by a smooth performance of ballads and evergreen classics by singer-songwriter, Gary Chaw. In a true display of genre-bending, Bowling for Soup joined him on-stage to perform The Turtles’ 1967 hit `Happy Together’ to an appreciative audience.

Amerie, US songstress won them over with a stirring performance with her repertoire of r’n’b and hip-hop. However it was pop sensation Wang Lee Hom who stole the show with a string of his hit singles. Wang Lee Hom was joined by Amerie for a finale fit for a show of this magnitude with a cover of R Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. Throughout the night, Rosemary played the part of DJ maestro, transitioning smoothly between Bowling for Soup’s rock, Gary Chaw’s ballads and Amerie’s soul.

The guest list of local celebutantes was treated to an exclusive array of Hennessy signature world-city cocktails which included the newly-launched Hennessy Shanghai cocktail, the night’s most popular drink. Ultimately, in the blending of world-class musical talent and tastes along with the exquisite Hennessy cocktails, there is no doubt that the Asia Hennessy Artistry Shanghai event created a night partygoers will not soon forget.

Asia Hennessy Artistry Shanghai took place at the Shanghai Pudong Exhibition Centre on Friday 8 December. For info, log onto www.hvsop.cn. This report was published in the March 2008 issue of JUICE.