Hennessy Artistry @ Orange Dance Club

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Somehow rather the last Hennessy Artistry’s information came out so late, everyone was asking where it was. Also, unfortunately, the line-up wasn’t that impressive. Hennessy Artistry brought down Until June, The DEY and the pop Shayne Ward for this leg. A lot of people were a bit skeptical about this one, especially hitting us with such a big high at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena. We went to check it out anyways.

Text Kevin Yeoh
Image Riche Monde

Trust Hennessy Artistry to give us grand entrances with all the excellent set-ups and branding placed for the experience. While the ‘beautiful people’ were posing for the camera at the entrance, the line for public who registered online was ridiculous. Knowing Hennessy Artistry, it’s a full house event; you could feel the heat flowing through the club. The ground floor was flooded very quickly and people were sipping on the free flowing Hennessy Miami and Shanghai to quench their thirst.

The show started with the good-looking DJ Tom Price setting the early mood to early birds before the sexy Pamela Chong came on stage as the emcee of the night. US trio Until June was the first act, feeling a little like Keane with falsetto. Overheard from people around- “What is this? We wanna dance!” It took a few notch down, really. Hip hop trio The DEY came on next to hype the night up, but like all typical hip hop acts, they mixed in too many things and it seemed messy, though the female soldier Elan was rocking a power house vocals to save their performance. Last, but not least was the baby face Shayne Ward. A lot of the girls (and guys) just wanted to see how cute Ward is, really. His blend of sugary pop didn’t mix well into this ‘artistry’ event. It was just, well, too Teen Beat for the event.

VIP section doesn’t mean exclusivity. I think the regular crowd gets to see more action than these so-called important attendees. Drinks were flowing the same, except different levels. As the night goes on, the DJ took over and served up a trance dish, which made it seem a little dodgy instead of being spectacular. It made some people wants to pop a pill and get high.

Perhaps it was the venue that didn’t do Hennessy Artistry justice. No, definitely the random acts thrown in, but whatever it may be, Henny drinks saved the night.

This leg of Hennessy Artistry was held at Orange Dance Club on September 27th. Check for more updates at www.hennessyartistry.com.my.