Hennessy Artistry @ Mist Club

The Hennessy Artistry event last weekend was a red carpet night that delivered on all levels. There were free flow Hennessy signature drinks (which were delicious!), an awesome atmosphere and incredible acts to boot. This was the event to go to last Saturday. This year’s Hennessy Artistry event in KL kept up the high musical standards and party vibes that Hennessy events always deliver. This year’s line up of talented artists included Ze!, DJ Nesh and DJ Inquisitive all the way from Singapore.Kicking off the night, there were 3 areas that housed the Hennessy Mix Master booth, where you could create your own beats with the help of a professional DJ, the Hennessy mixing bar, where you could mix your own Hennessy inspired drinks and the Hennessy Digital Light Art FX booth, where clubbers could let their creative juices flow and make your own VSOP desktop wallpapers. This event was loads of fun, and the first to hit the stage was none other than Ze! who was featured on our JUICE cover in July. What can I say? She rocked the house and brought it down with her stellar electrifying performance! Dressed in an eclectic bodysuit and her signature shades, she performed with her sister and DJ MissOsixnine rocking the decks. The sibling duo had the crowd pumped up, and my favourite tune was ‘My Boyfriend is a Robot.’ This talent hailing from Subang Jaya has just returned from a European tour with Joachim Garraud, and her performance showed us all why she’s an international sensation with lyrics such as “I took your ego and fed it to my dog.”

As clubbers enjoyed any of 4 Hennessy signature drinks, that were berry, citrus, ginger and apple (my favorite!), world class turntablist DJ Inquisitive from Singapore took over the stage. Ze! and him performed an awesome collaboration song together and afterward he showcased to the crowd his epic scratching and cutting skills. Having won the Singapore DMC championship and having been placed in the top 4 of the DMC World DJ Championships, DJ Inquisitive served up a platter of electro bass and heavy house beats. Last but not least, DJ Nesh got behind the decks and took control of the partying crowd. Rocking a delicious colourway of Air Yeezys, our KL talent reminded us all why we need to keep fresh hip hop DJing alive. He delivered a stellar set and did it in style! Though the night ended in bucketfuls of rain outside, partygoers went home having had an awesome time at this event, drenched or not!

The Hennessy Aritstry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ event took place on the 18th of September, 2010 at Mist Club, Bangsar. For more information on the artists and event, go to www.h-artistry.com.my. For pics of the event, click here.