Hennessy Artistry ft. Young 6ixx, DJ Yasmin, Lapsap

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Huge rays of dancing lights flashing, twirling and free-wheeling against Zouk’s flintstone walls bore the bold words ‘Hennessy Artistry’ the moment it struck 8pm. JUICE spotted the outstanding display of lights a mile away, where the crowd stretched up to. All them partygoers were decked out and ready to rumble at the 4 June installment of Hennessy Artistry!

Just like all the other previous Hennessy Artistry nights, Hennessy shots and signature cocktails – Hennessy Soda, Hennessy Apple and Hennessy Ginger – were served to all. Waiters were going around passing glasses after glasses of Hennessy to everyone in the room. JUICE loves Hennessy’s generosity and were hanging by the bar waiting to gulp down more of those babies.

The show begun just right with Young 6ixx turning on his swagger to give us a powerful “Wassup Malaysia!“  followed by roaring cheers from the crowd. Hailing from the US of A, 6ixx taught us how to party like ’em across the seas.  He brought the house down with his dope rhymes and gave us his take on Akon’s ‘Beautiful’. But what’s a hip hop showdown without the bootylicious chicks? Three sexy dancers shook their bon bons that shot the party to the skies.

LapSap duo Xu and Blink soon took over the decks to spin their usual addictive blend of electro and house beats. They pumped up the party to full swing and were raving hard along with the crowd. Soon after, the pint-sized but sizzling hot DJ Yasmin worked her fingers and spun her sounds that wowed us all.

The night was the bomb, the Hennessy was bottomless and yummy as always – a perfect build up for all who are geared up towards the big Hennessy Artistry party in July. We know we are!

Image Jessica Tan

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