Hennessy Artistry ft. Fatman Scoop + Ying Yang Twins @ Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena

You’ve got to give a hand to Hennessy. These guys have been throwing crazy ass parties all throughout the year, beginning with Flo Rida at the very same venue where this latest Hennessy Artistry party was held. After the positive vibrations of last year’s Hennessy Artistry, we were expecting mucho from Hennessy.

You know a party is gonna be of epic proportions when KLites get crazy creative with parking. Double and triple parking, on the curbs and belts – no empty space was left untouched by the party hungry (and lawless). Attracting approximately 5000 partygoers, I had to park at a considerable trek away at the Science Centre for an epic RM10 because there was no where else and because I didn’t want to get ticketed, towed or boxed in. Little did I know that this was not the only speed bump to hit the night.

There were a few things that caused frustration before even entering the Hennessy vicinity. For one, walking to the entrance from the car had me breaking sweat, the 2nd was being stopped by some guy who asked after my religion like it’s any business of his (so much for freedom of religion), only then to have the girl queuing up in front of me was trying to exercise her “blogger’s rights” at the registration desk. 1 girl away from a drink and air-conditioning and I have to be stuck with the one that thinks bloggers should be treated like J-farking-Lo. Whatever.

After a good half an hour and finally in the vicinity, with a Hennessy VSOP and apple juice in hand, I was ready to party. Kudos to Hennessy, because the place was really well set up.  With plenty of practise through previous events, Hennessy has transformed the equestrian arena into a classy world-class club, with countless plasma screens, 3-D visual mapping effects (by Lumisense), well spaced out bars serving up Hennessy long drinks like my Hennessy VSOP  and apple juice and Hennessy VSOP with ice cream soda and Coke, and the ventilation was heavenly.

I missed early performances by DJ Milinka, One Buck Short and Taiwan’s The Homies but arrived just in time to catch Dominique Tsai’s salute to the late King of Pop via ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ performed on the keyboards. As is befitting Hennessy Artistry’s  Global Art Of Mixing tagline, there were duets and collabos in abundance. El Presidente of Malaysian rap Joe Flizzow stepped out for a duo performance with Hong Kong’s pop sweetheart, who in turn pulled one off with Fatman Scoop.

Some might have enjoyed Fatman Scoop’s appearance, but I on the other hand fell into the category of those who found the man downright annoying. Here to party and dance to the music, tracks were soon waylaid by shout outs and conversation, ruining the flow. It was left to crunk masters Ying Yang Twins to save the day as the Atlanta duo of Kaine and D-Roc threw up one massive club anthem after another. Biig! The entire roll call reappeared for Fatman Scoop’s remix of ‘Boom Boom Pow’ after which DJ Sam, protégé of Tiesto took over the floor.

For clubbers who needed a breather there was plenty besides to do at the ‘Art of Mixing’ arena. A DJ mixing booth, VJ mixing booth and Mixing Bar at the reception area provided a chance to show up the hired help.  Speaking of which there was another thing to note that night: with worries of H1N1, the professional bartenders could have at least worn gloves when picking up ice instead of their bare hands. Gross.

So this particular Hennessy Artistry event lacked bang but was saved by the generous amount of drinks, germs or not.

Hennessy Artistry The Global Art Of Mixing ft. Ying Yang Twins, Fatman Scoop and more went down Saturday 25 July at the Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena. If you were there go spot yourself in our gallery here! The latest on Hennessy Artistry events at www.h-artistry.com.my.