Hennessy Artistry Chat: Suki Low

Last Saturday was one of the best Saturdays JUICE have ever had this year, we were there at Hennessy Artistry’s first installation of their three ‘Global Art of Mixing‘ parties for 2012! This year Hennessy Artistry came up with an all-new Art of Mixing Zone, featuring the Hennessy 360 Cam, interactive games and more, the inauguration was a phenomenal event that made the trademark Hennessy Artistry party atmosphere shine even more.

With signature Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks in our hands, we here at JUICE were rocking out to the explosive line up that night, which featured Suki Low, the first winner of the Malaysian reality show One In A Million, DJ Andy Moor, Ernest C, Ramsey Westwood and Lollipop F. Don’t weep if you missed the amazing performance by Suki Low which involved some seriously amazing covers of Katy Perry and Rihanna’s songs, you can still get to know her since we managed to snag an interview with the songstress

Congratulations on the recent release of your first English single, ‘Finish Line’. What’s the story behind the song?
It was an amazing and totally unexpected opportunity to work with Chris Willis & Antony Preston at last year’s Global Art of Mixing event where we collaborated on stage to perform ‘Gettin’ Over You’. After the performance, Chris & Antony asked if I’m interested to record an English track and played ‘Finish Line’ to me. It’s a lovely track and also a new challenge for me, the sound of the track is fresh, groovy and energetic. We then keep in touch through emails; started working on the track and the whole process of the production took about 2 months.

What’s it like to work with someone like Chris Willis? He must be really impressed by you at the Hennessy Artistry Party at MIECC in 2011!
He is very nice and down to earth. He has an amazing voice, a really amazing voice, we hung out after the show and had a great time!

What’s the best way to drink Hennessy in your opinion?
I like it on the rocks and sometimes with cranberry juice – Hennessy Berry.

How do you feel when you hear yourself singing on the radio?
That’s something I can never get used to. I still feel a little shy but excited at the same time now and then when I heard my song on the radio. I’m grateful and I feel blessed.

Will you be releasing another English single any time soon?
I’m in the midst of completing my forthcoming album and there will be a couple more English tracks on the album. ‘Finish Line’ was released not long ago and I look forward to hearing it more on the radio.

You look beautiful, what do you do to keep your face so clear and free from blemishes?
Thank you. The credit goes to my parents. I’ve not encounter too many problems with my skin since I was young. Diet wise, I would suggest drinking plenty of water daily, and consume more anti-oxidant fruits like prunes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, plums etc. And of course, get enough sleep!

We noticed that you’re sporting a new haircut too, is there any connection between your decision to cut your hair and the release of your single? A new image?
I’ve had my long hair for quite a while since One in a Million and I was thinking of trying on something new. The pixie cut is so popular amongst the celebrities in Hollywood and I thought why not give it a try? Soon enough I’ll be changing hairstyle again.

You started your music career at a considerably young age. How do you balance it out with your studies?
It wasn’t easy as I was dealing with my SPM while I was on One in a Million. Thanks to all my teachers and classmates who were so thoughtful and helpful along the way by spending extra time to give me tuition.

You were an alumnus of a reality show, One in a Million, do you feel like it’s been more of a blessing or a curse to have been discovered through a singing competition?
It’s a blessing. I’ve always wanted to be a singer and I have loved to be on the stage since I was young. One in a Million gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream, and it had given me a good platform to my first step of becoming a recording artiste.

What was the transition like for your friends and family whom had known you as a regular Jane now that you’ve turned into a songstress?
Not much different as I’m still the same girl I was back then when I’m with my friends. My parents always keep me grounded and remind me to be down to earth, have fun and enjoy my work.

What do you do to keep your voice fresh before a live show?
I need an hour to warm up my vocal chords, drink plenty of water and stay away from dairy products.

Any advice on aspiring singers?
Work hard, practice makes perfect. Always be ready to sing your heart out whenever you have your opportunity.

Suki Low sang her heart out at the first Hennessy Artistry ‘Global Art of Mixing’ Trilogy of 2012 which began on 16 June 2012. For more info on the next two installations of the phenomenal event, keep checking Hennessy’s facebook page here. Follow Suki Low on Twitter @SukiLow.