Hennessy Artistry Chat: Andy Moor

So, what were you up to last Saturday (16 June 2012)? We here at JUICE had an absolute blast at the first installation of Hennessy Artistry’s trilogy of ‘Global Art of Mixing’ parties at the Straits Quay Convention Centre in Penang! It was a phenomenal inauguration, and among the highlights was the all-new Art of Mixing Zone, featuring the Hennessy 360 Cam, interactive games and various experiental zones which topped off the entire experience.

But the best part was, of course, the music! With signature Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks in our hands, we couldn’t get enough of the line up: renowned Grammy-winning trance DJ, Andy Moor, Suki Low, Ernest C, Ramsey Westwood and Lollipop F. If you missed the unforgettable, body-rocking and totally out-of-the-world spins by DJ Andy Moor, JUICE have taken the liberty to catch up with him so  that you get a taste of the awesome personality that he is!

You’ve been to KL before; did you get to explore the rest of Malaysia? Is this coming Hennessy Artistry your first time in Penang?
This is my first time to Penang, and I am very much looking forward to it. I really love coming to KL, and I have heard a lot about the beauty of the other parts of Malaysia.

Speaking of which, how do you take your Hennessy?

You’re going from Ibiza to Penang, what is it with islands and kickass parties?
I think people feel free, yet they are still part of something special. Everybody is on the island for the same reason, and it’s a way to escape the rest of the land with your fellow party goers.

We know that you have been exercising your talent since you were 5. Did you ever feel pressured to always be the best?
I didn’t actually, I always felt like I had to be the best that I could be, but not better than others. I love competition, but I love it for the competition itself, which only improves yourself.

Is it true you play more than 6 instruments? What’s your favourite instrument to work with?
At the moment I only get the chance to play the piano (there is no room for the Basoon in today’s electronic music), and I love to play it. I used to play many instruments when I was young, and it is something I want to continue when I get older.

Spinning versus producing, which do you prefer and have more fun with?
I always prefer whatever it is I haven’t done for the longest. If I am on tour, I miss producing and am really fired up to get back in the studio. If in the studio, I am fired up to get on tour.

As someone who’s performed at sunny places before, how do you like the constantly sunny weather here as opposed to gloomy UK you’re used to?
I love it! Here in the UK all we talk about is the weather, and when the sun comes out everybody is so happy the whole place changes with positivity. So when we go somewhere sunny, we are very happy.

Share with us some of your weirdest tour experience so far.
There has been so many it’s hard to remember most of them. Some strange things include grandstands falling over, crazy fans climbing anything that can be climbed, and once I had someone throw a flip flop from a big distance for me to sign, and it landed perfectly on the start/stop button of the cd player, stopping the music. You couldn’t do that again if you tried all year.

As we understand it, your previous two shows were in Ibiza, and after Penang, you’re going there again. How do you handle your jetlags? What’s your secret?
I wish that I had a secret, as it gets harder and harder as I get older, but it’s something you just have to deal with. After the first night your body just adapts. I try to eat healthy and drink lots of water, but ultimately there is nothing to do other than deal with it.

While on the subject of secrets; is there a certain formula to getting a crowd pumped up that you use during your sets?
I like to do this using the choice of music, along with getting them involved in some way or another. Making them feel like you are part of the crowd, we are all in it together.

Trance seems to be a genre that gels the best with Malaysians, it never fails to bring in the crowd. What do you think it is about trance that entranced people?
It has everything in the music. The beat, the groove, lots of melody, vocals, emotion and teasing structures. Any one of those is enough to get people interested, but all together in one style is just perfect.

On a final note, what does an aspiring DJ need to do to one day be named Best Trance Producer and nominated for a Grammy Award like you did?
Work hard, recognise your talents, and never be satisfied until you have really done the best you can. There is always more to learn, so continue to learn, and then when you are ready to unleash your productions you can sit back knowing there isn’t anything more you could have done.

Andy Moor spun at the first Hennessy Artistry ‘Global Art of Mixing’ Trilogy of 2012 which began on 16 June 2012. For more info on the next two installations of the phenomenal event, keep checking Hennessy’s facebook page here.