Hello hum.. New single by Wintersleep!

Note: this is a friday song.

Not in anyway associated with Rebecca Blergh. We meant that this particular Wintersleep track is the ideal song to play to welcome the weekend. Energetic bursts of guitars and percussions paired with soporific vocals – it’s not boring! It simply reminds us of our non-working days; sleep, chilled and more sleep. Unless we partied way too hard on friday night and have to treat a hangover for the rest of the weekend.. but it can be listened to during those times too! Also ‘cos of it’s indie vibe, we can’t help but picture this being played at a coffeeshop while having conversations with friends. If you see different, we’d love to know what.

‘Resuscitate’ is from Wintersleep’s soon to be released album, Hello Hum. Due out on 12 June — you can bet we’ll be reviewing it. The track list includes –

1.     Hum
2.    In Came The Flood
3.    Nothing Is Anything (Without You)
4.    Resuscitate
5.    Permanent Sigh
6.    Saving Song
7.    Rapture
8.    Unzipper
9.    Someone, Somewhere
10.  Zones
11.   Smoke

Give it a listen and see for yourself! Oh, we’re also really sorry if any of you have to work during the weekends.. sucks to be you! But really, we are sorry. More on Wintersleep here.