Heineken presents JUICE DJ Quest Finals 2009 @ Zouk

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We’re in our 7th year for JUICE DJ Quest and it is safe to say we’re almost a household name to the discovery of new DJs in Malaysia. Look how far our first winner Victor G is now! The drizzling weather did not stop our spirits to check out these new talents shine in Malaysia’s super club, Zouk. Let the quest begin.

Night started with last year’s JUICE DJ Quest Regional winner, the drum ‘n bass and dubstep master Anowl on the decks to kick off the mood in the room. He slicked it out with some sharp sound without over-blowing the set while everyone settled in as the judges take their seats. It was Zouk’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Adam Mathews; Heineken representative, Matt Armitage; Pioneer DJ Battle 2008 champion, DJ Gaijin and yours truly.

With JUICE‘s 2008 Lifetime Achievement recipient and one-half of Turn It Up DJ Gabriel hosting, the night started with crazy-haired Mr. Fluff with a soulful tune and brought us into a funky dance routine before our first ever turntable contestant from Rogue Squadron, Guibo took on the decks for some hip hop love. Then Kyle took on the decks and kicked it with a fun electro set that got some warmed up and dancing. Kyle decided to turn up the heat when he took off his jacket to screaming fans. Rockstar.

Mixology DJ Academy’s DJ Krates rocked the turntables with crazy skills; with the Mixology boss DJ Fuzz looking from the side. Then the only female soldier Faith took ok the decks with a rocking set, which finally warmed up the crowd to get closer to the console. Quite a big fan base there for Faith. Last turntable contestant was N-Trix kicked it coyly on the decks before two more EDM boys rocks out on the Pioneer equipments.

Zouk was bleeping with the sharp noises until Kubika came on and brought us back with a dope deep house set to rock the crowd. Last but not least, it was Proxy’s turn to end the night. He turned out the last round of electro sound to the big room of Zouk to a big party mode. What a run!

Then it was results time. It took us awhile to tabulate the results, while Gabriel kept the crowd hyped up and cheering for their preferred winner. First, it was the turntable categories, in which N-Trix took third place, Guibo second and Krates taking tops! Then it was the EDM category and we decided to start with third place that went to Proxy. Second place was Mr. Fluff and this year’s JUICE DJ Quest winner went to Kubika! He also won Zouk’s Choice Award! Faith walked away with Reader’s Choice Award. No losers here cos it was a good fight. It was anyone’s game that night!

With the shiny lights, fans and pumping music, it was far from boring. Seen at the event were MizzNina, Raysoo, DJ Fuzz, DJ Nas-T, Dose Two, Jonvu and so many more. It only gets better. JUICE DJ Quest has proved to be one of the biggest platform new DJs and we ain’t gonna stop. Get your skills polished now. The next one is closer than you think.

Congratulations to Kubika and Krates once again!

Heineken presents JUICE DJ Quest 2009 was held at Zouk on Saturday, 21 November 2009. Thanks to Heineken, Pioneer, Puma and Zouk for being a part of it. Love ya! For more pix, head on over to our Gallery.

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