Heineken Music presents Impulse @ Barsonic

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Photo by Heineken Music

It was a slow Friday at first, but when it rains it pours and as soon as people started turning up for Impulse’s latest installment they came in droves. Everyone was hugging their Heinekens, while waiting for the event to start. Kelvin aka ChaseyLain set the mood up familiar tunes like The Rapture’s ‘House of Jealous Lovers’, giving JUICE the chills – man, how old is that song and how fast has time passed.

Taking its cue from the Impulse night held at Werner’s, the night at Barsonic started with new electronica band Like Silver who played a pretty impressive and haunting set. Providing the eye-catching backdrop visuals were Cataphrax and Motiofixo. Bangkok DJ Oum followed like a fluffer, pumping things up in anticipation of the climax to come. His set of not-so-current dance and rock tracks had the floor either reminiscing or rocking out.

An hour in, Twilight Actiongirl took over with DJ Bunga turning it out to a full house – Barsonic went bonkers! It was a mad night, with what could have been more dancing had there been enough space! Adding to the close knit camaraderie was the TAG troupe text which intermittently flashed on the screen messages like “DJ Bunga Is Hensem”, “I Like To Eat Gingerfish”, “Hello Bangkok Friends” and “Come On Kids!! Sing It!!”, which we thought was super cute.

Spotted in the crowd was Ladytron’s Ruben who was scheduled to perform a DJ set the following night at Zouk. Click here for that report. He hung near the entrance and watched the crowd, while the rest of us sang along and pumped our fists in the air to every song that came on. Hard act to follow….

Heineken Music presents Impulse rocked it hard on Friday February 20 at Barsonic.

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