Heineken Music pres. Impulse @ Blanc Le Club

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There’s nothing better than checking out good new acts in town on a weekend. We headed to town to check out the best in local and regional acts at Heineken Music presents Impulse, which combines leftfield music, art and cutting edge visuals from talented peeps within South-East Asia. Previously, Heineken Impulse has given us DJ Oum, The Hoo, Drip, Altered Image, Katsue, SUPA, Stephen Lau and a host of talents. We were given a set of 3D-glasses at the door. Inside, Ronnie Khoo of Furniture aka Super Cashew was already on the decks and guitar with his brand of electronica. We thought he was very good, so big ups to Super Cashew! It’s been awhile since we kicked it with this haunting electronic sound. Wicked stuff!

The Kraftgrafik duo, who made the JUICE Cool List 2008, with Singapore’s QWERTY Visuals brought it up a notch at Blanc Le Club with some funky art display and visuals that worked with the 3D-glasses. It took us awhile to get what was going on on the screen behind the DJ console, but we caught on soon enough and loved how the 3D glasses doubled excellently as a fashion accessory!

DJ Point went on next with his scratch set – a great throwback to ol’ skool hip hop with wicked skills on the turntables. JUICE DJ Quest finalist last year Jonvu took over, got things shaking and had our feet dancing, throwing us into an electro and techno mix for that nu-rave energy. His energy and confidence has definitely picked up a lot from the last time we saw him. We like!

Next up was Popcon, consisting of Bryan Burger and Ben Katana to end this installment of Heineken Music presents Impulse. The boys gave us some good ol’ skool electro choons, while we swig on more cold Heinekens with the 3D-glasses on. Having been in the scene for so long, we trust them to give us the best from the old to the new. It was certainly good to see them rocking out again.

Overall it was a good event just as we expected, judging by all the previous Heineken Music presents Impulse parties. The only boohoo is how it’s not as well-accepted sometimes outside the Barsonic scene. KL clubbers rock out to the same DJs so much of the time that when someone new but equally talented comes along, no one gives them the time of day. C’mon guys, step out of your comfort zone!

After one too many Heinekens, we noticed the food theme: Super Cashew, Popcon, Bryan Burger … om nom nomz.

Heineken Impulse was held on Friday 24 April at Blanc Le Club on Asian Heritage Row. Check out more Heineken goodies at www.heineken.com.my. Hit up the Gallery for piccies.