Heineken Green Space served by The Breakfast Club @ Public TTDI Plaza

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Homo sapiens were born with fingers for a good reason but it seems that people use it ever so often to point fingers and accusations at everything and everyone but themselves. JUICE is pro-this, JUICE is pro-that, JUICE is leftist – you name it. We have journalistic integrity (sometimes) in this mag to carry responsibility to inform you on what’s hot and happening what. Heineken’s latest venture called ‘The Breakfast Club’ is a good case in point.

Its main basis was pretty much the usual “bunch-of-people-gathering-together-to-drink-booze” formula, but here’s what made this party an A+ for everyone who was there: when presented with a basic ingredient, let your imagination loose and come up with a bri-zi-lliant concept to present a simple idea into a package that no one will forget. Hence, Heineken Green Space served by The Breakfast Club (phew!) deserves 5 gold stars in everyone’s books not to mention everyone’s eager anticipation for that day to come – and we’re not exaggerating. We asked.

First impressions count and the website design was pretty rad and the exclusivity of being part of ‘The Breakfast Club’ added to the hype. Weeks leading up to the main event everyone was wondering what they were going to expect. Come on, doesn’t a sunny Sunday morning with friends, breakfast, and beer sound divine? No? You have a heart of stone! We had this perfect scenario planted in our heads already.

And you know what? ‘The Breakfast Club’ is everything that it led us to believe. We arrived and we were welcomed with a thoughtful gift of a picnic basket filled with 2 Heinekens, towels, and Kellogg’s Special K cereal. Public (in the middle bit of TTDI plaza) was decorated with cereal boxes, an inflatable pool with beers, picnic tables, and tiny teevees that were wrapped in manila cardboard playing 80s movies like Back To The Future – even DJ Hero in another corner! How was the food? Breakfast buffet maaaaan of scrambled eggs, sausages, sun dried tomatoes, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and a freshly made-to-order waffles corner from Jarrod & Rawlins. To top the cherry on the icing, you can have your breakfast with 2 choices of Heineken smoothies and cocktails and to serenade you, an acoustic performance by Paolo Delfino and Reza Salleh. This friend, is heaven.

What we at JUICE is trying to say is: take the time to think out of the box if you have all the ways and means around you to make a great party. Everyone loves a good time with their friends and will appreciate extra effort that goes into planning a kick ass event. So middle fingers up to the naysayers, you know who you are.

Heineken Green Space served by The Breakfast Club’ @ Public happened on a lovely Sunday morning on 31 January 2010. For more pix check out our gallery!

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