Heineken Green Space served by Aubergine @ White Box

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We at JUICE champion any event that come up with fresh ideas to present it’s party whether its from the way the food is being served, the drinks to the atmosphere.  For example, Heineken Green Space served by The Breakfast Club was a wonderful Sunday breakfast affair. Wh33l Love did something even more unique and hosted their very own Heineken Green Space for all those extreme sport junkies. Car Crash Hearts decided to go with a good ol formula and had every guest party like rock stars.  Heineken Green Space served by Aubergine is the newest of the series that was held at a beautiful gallery space in Solaris Dutamas. Invited guests were taken on a gastronomical “journey” (with special passports too!) of great-tasting food accompanied by good music and Heineken.

We were even presented with new ways of enjoying a Heineken! Besides enjoying it the good ol way, you could either have your Heineken in a Bloody Beer concoction (a beer version of a Bloody Mary) complete with oyster on top. You could also enjoy your Heineken as an ice-cream or at the Monin syrup counter where you can picka flavour of your choice and mix it with your beer. My goodness, have you ever tried peach beer? Surprisingly yummy and these creative Heinekens go so well with those breakbeats and dubstep tracks that DJ Rainf was playing in the background.

Destination ‘Tokyo’ aka the sushi bar was a real hit. People were really enjoying the fresh sushi that was made in front of everyone and by jove! Were there a lot of hungry people. Those Vietnamese spring rolls that were going around were pretty yummy too. It isn’t any wonder because of the catering experience Aubergine has.

The people behind Aubergine are Jessica and David Nathan who have had vast experience playing host for many memorable house parties that some even lasted 13 hours! If their names sound familiar its probably because they are also founding members of the independent party and club promoters that helped bring dance music to our shores in the late 90s through a series of underground and out of town raves and bungalow parties. Jessica and David’s aim to host their own Heineken Green Space was simple: to combine great-tasting cuisine, cocktails, music and company to create a pretty unique experience and in our opinion, a pretty good party overall.

Being human, we always go to a party and comment “I can do better than that if I had the chance” and you know what? Now you can! If you think you have a great idea send them over to [email protected]!

Heineken Green Space served by Aubergine was held on 19  June 2010 @ White Box, Solaris Dutamas. For more pix, check out our gallery!

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