Heineken Green Room pres. Gossip and Art vs Science

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There are 2 things that come to mind when you think about this event: one, is that the Heineken peeps actually managed to top their last 2 events with Rapture and 2manydjs by bringing Gossip down to KL (it is a big deal! it’s Beth-effing-Ditto!) and two, doesn’t time fly? It was way back in July when Heineken announced that Gossip would headline their event. Where has all this time gone?

Image Heineken

But who’s here to talk about the time anyway? What we can talk about is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year that included Australia’s Art vs Science and our very own local duo DJ Xu and Jit Woei of Mini Compo and Hype’embeats and Jeehoe at the newly renovated KL Live. From the exterior, the venue didn’t look any different that could justify its multiple month closure but when the acts started performing, you could actually hear the difference. The sound and acoustics of the venue were top notch.

Although traffic was a betch at that hour, many actually managed to come early for Hype’embeats and Jeehoe as they opened the show with their pumping electro beats. Brand spanking new act Mini Compo was up next with the debut performance everyone was looking forward to since the release of Heineken’s preview teaser music video collaboration that was done by director Kelvin Oon aka ChelseyLain of Twilight Action Girl. Other artists that collaborated with Heineken for the video included They Will Kill Us All and Goldfish & Blink.

The first international act of the night was Australian band Art vs Science, a band that is often compared to Daft Punk. We’ll just have to see about that. This Sydney trio is currently one of the hottest bands in their native country with their combo of bangin’ guitar riffs, drums, vocals paired with heavy beats that proved to be extremely popular with everyone at KL Live. Everybody was dancing! One of their song choruses had maximum crowd participation when they sang “parlez-vous français?”, to which the crowd screamed “oui!”. It was so catchy to the point it was still stuck in everyone’s mind the very next day. If you came to Green Room completely clueless as to who Art vs Science was, then you would’ve definitely left the party a new-fledged fan.

And so, it was finally the moment we’d all been waiting for. After a short sound check, Gossip appeared on stage. Lo and behold, Beth Ditto was tinier on stage than she appears in pictures! Her performance was effortless and she sang from one song to the other without a hitch and even managed to stop in between songs to converse with the crowd. The highlight of the night happened when Beth stepped off the stage and walked through the crowd to interact with everyone while assuring her bodyguards that everything was alright while she chanted “Cinta! Cinta! Cinta!” to everybody. Now that’s what we call a real performer! She even sang an acappella version of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ that got just about everyone singing along. P.S, Beth. We love you too!

If you thought that the end of Gossip’s performance was the end of the night, think again. DJ Bunga of Twilight Actiongirl closed this awesome mid-week party with some dubstep and indie music for the ones that were rockin’ enough to stay til the end. What an awesome event to kick the mid-week blues. How you gonna top this now, Heineken? Special thanks to all you Heineken peeps, we’ve got our eyes on you.

Heineken Green Room pres. Art vs Science and Gossip was held on 5 October 2011 at KL Live. For more pix, check out our gallery!