Heatherette Goes Furless For Pammy

We love Pamela Anderson, not for the obvious reasons (of which there are 2) but for what lays underneath – her kind heart. Pammy, already an avowed PETA campaigner and the world’s sexiest vegetarian recently debuted her eco- and animal-friendly clothing collection called A*Muse in September. Collaborating with the fabulous Richie Rich of Heatherette, he calls it “fun, sexy, surfer girl from Malibu meets Andy Warhol.” Wooo!

Richie says, “Pamela is such an advocate for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). I love animals. We wanted to produce a range using as many globally friendly fabrics as we could, in the spirit of being good to the world. That is part of the reason we want to kick it off in New Zealand, which is so lush and green. It goes with the vibe we are feeling. At the same time the Kiwi scene is fun and the line is fun.”

Richie’s own label Heatherette has long been associated with the use of fur (tsk, tsk), so he did admit it was hard for him not to use it in the A*Muse collection. It looks like as naughty as Pam looks she is a good influence. Hopefully Richie will steer clear of using animals in fashion.

Check out the A*Muse fashion show here.


Source Vegetarian Star