Heat Club — The Consignment Platform You Need to Re-Sell Your Kicks

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Images Major Drop

We all know the drill of selling pre-loved items online. First, you take some photos, give it a good price (not too low but also not too high otherwise you’d scare potential buyers), then you choose an avenue you trust. Locally, we’ve got plenty of platforms to utilise and interactions are breezy, but what’s the risk? One word: Legitimacy. You see, streetwear, or anything valuable for that matter, is eye-catching enough to grab people’s attention, but beneath that conscious decision to purchase a pair of shoes that’s worth hundreds or more, is a whole lot of scepticism. To save you all that hassle, the guys at Major Drop dropped (no pun intended) a new consignment service in town called Heat Club. Because who can doubt the legitimacy of Southeast Asia’s leading streetwear store, right?

Shortly after the team dropped an introduction video on their Facebook page, the website started loading up pre-loved shoes for sale. Although they can only be bought in-stores for now, you get to browse a selection of shoes like the adidas Alexander Wang BBall Black, Gucci lace up sneakers, and a triple gold adidas Raf Simons Stan Smith before you head all the way to Sunway to get ‘em. Inspired by Los Angeles-based men’s clothing store Round Two, Bryan – the brain behind Heat Club – wanted this project to be a physical experience that isn’t limited to only online viewing. Prior to pitching the idea to form Heat Club, Bryan has had experience in shoe retail and witnessed the inconvenience firsthand. The agenda behind it is straightforward; it’s revamping an existing service for shoe enthusiasts to sell and buy shoes without the dreadful process of pushing their product out in Facebook streetwear groups, where most of the bidding happens.

So how does this thing work? There are only three easy steps to follow.

  1. You walk in and look for one of the staff.
  2. They will perform a quick condition check to see if your product is genuine.
  3. You do some documentation work and you’re done. Heat Club will also be handling product photos and repackaging to transform your trash into somebody else’s treasure.

Just like all consignment services, a small fee is required. Interested candidates are welcomed to hit the team up for enquiries.

Heat Club however, isn’t the first and only of its kind. The existing and trusty Goodfellas located in TTDI should ring a bell but Major Drop isn’t in it to compete, Heat Club is born to close the gap between sellers and buyers. “The streetwear culture in Malaysia is cool because not everyone fights with everyone. Everyone is helpful, and that’s the kinda relationship Major Drop wants to build with everyone else”, according to Major Drop CEO Fei. With a steady audience and loyal following, Major Drop is an all-in-one platform where various big names like The Hundreds, HUFF, Undefeated, and Supreme sit side-by-side to smaller but growing brands from Southeast Asia. “With Heat Club, you never have to press up again,” when asked about streetwear groups on Facebook. “The website also makes the browsing experience more comfortable than a group or forum,” explained Bryan.

Heat Club will only be focusing on footwear at the moment while plans to expand its product range from headwear to accessories are in the works.

Get updates about Major Drop here and shop or re-sell your goods here.