Hearts Revolution: Digital Suicide

With all the hoo ha on the internet hyping up CSS-like bands, it’s great to know that some electronic acts are still keeping it edgy. Enter electro trash trio Hearts Revolution who drive around their hometown of New York in an ice-cream truck. Indigestible at first listen, the band is a chip-off the old Atari Teenage Riot and Crystal Castles block. Their brasher songs revolve around the themes of revolution, switchblades, wolves and libertines. So for an easier introduction, JUICE recommends ‘Digital Suicide’ – a dreamy romantic synth-heavy track with barely audible female lullaby vocals name-dropping two famous bands in the lyrics (Sonic Youth/ Suicidal Tendencies). Two versions of ‘Digital Suicide’ are available, but we suggest you hit up Hearts Revolution’s myspace to get the raw demo version.

String some binary together and commit ‘Digital Suicide’ (Pure Groove / Kitsune) Hearts Revolution at www.myspace.com/heartsrevolution