Health: ‘Die Slow’ Music Video

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Could this be your favourite new band? Probably not, if you’re into the BEP. But for less Fergilicious among us, Health are a quartet of noisy experimental rockers from LA who sound not too far from Battles, Crystal Castles and Sonic Youth. Their 3rd studio album Get Color was released recently and with it came this music video for ‘Die Slow’, their 1st single from the album.

We’re not too sure on the art direction or message for this video but we guess it’s got something to do with the song’s title. Still, there’s blood, ultra-chic women cutting each other, bodies piled up and hypnotic beats.

Health might not get things started in here, but they can sure separate the posers from the pack.

Lookout for the album review of Get Color in the October issue of JUICE and also here at Listen to Health at

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