Headshell Heroes

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It’s a shame turntablists are overlooked in Malaysia. Legendary DJ Q-Bert blew into town not long ago, but nobody paid attention. Despite the lack of passion from the mass, those who are in it are rocking it hard. Following the footsteps of DJ superstars Stylustiks, the new generation of turntablists likle Headshell Heroes are ready to tear the roof off.

The trio of Syed Effects, Layzr and Jocular who scratches say “It is important to be able to scratch. Only then you will get total control of your DJ instruments.” The fourth member, Intake, is currently on a break due to college assignments. The guys got together when Syed Effects met Jocular at a drum ‘n’ bass gig. Syed Effects introduced Jocular to Layzr at a jam session in Layzr’s house and they lived happily ever after.

Called Headshell Heroes because they want to be superheroes, Jocular would be Spawn, Syed Effects would be Spiderman and Layzr would be Optimus Prime, and their mission: “To revive the scene, whatever is left of it. So long the Headshell Heroes live, scratching will never die!”

Headshell Heroes play mainly hip hop, but incorporate dangdut, keroncong or asli when the mood takes ’em.

They don’t have a website yet, but do check out Syed Effect’s YouTube page at www.youtube.com/user/cliqcreation for some Headshell Heroes swag.