Have You Listened to Tony Hawk’s Son’s Stoner Rock Band Yet?

Riley Hawk is the son of pro skateboarder and all-round hero for kids who want to make a living out of the aforementioned action sport, Tony Hawk. Being the kid of a prolific pop culture figure, many assumed that he’d follow in dad’s footsteps and be part of the skating community; he is, but on the side, Riley and a few friends banded together to form a stoner rock band called Petyr.

They released their debut EP in May this year, which includes eight tracks that’ll either make you feel like you are on magic mushrooms or like you want to be on magic mushrooms. What does that feel like? We don’t know, we obviously say no to drugs and fungi.

If you enjoy listening to the likes of Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, and Mastodon, definitely check Petyr out. You can do so by listening to ‘Kraft’ – the perfect introduction to the band’s sonics – below:

 Purchase Petyr’s EP here.