Happy Valentines Day! Our Top Anti-Love Songs!


Oh Valentines day! Regardless if you celebrate the Hallmark holiday or not, you’re bound to be inundated with cheesy love songs. Take a break from the lyrics and hooks that could make a unicorn hurl and check out our anti-love songs! 100% emo free!

Peaches – ‘Talk To Me’


Even alt chicks get the love blues, but instead of whining – they rock out!

Amy Winehouse – ‘Stronger Than Me’


“Feel like a lady and you’re my ladyboy” it’s lines like this we wish that Amy were still doing – instead of the other kind.

The Dandy Warhols – ‘We Used To Be Friends’


Friends, lovers, socks – sometimes you just outgrow things, people and places, but not this song! Classic!

Ben Folds Five – ‘Song For The Dumped’


A song for everyone really! And if you’ve never been dumped, you’re not trying hard enough! Now give us our money back.

Robyn – ‘Dancing on My Own’


Finally an anthem for when you creep on your ex at the club while dancing alone in the corner because everything is more fun with a soundtrack.

The Vaccines – ‘Post Break-up Sex’


Sometimes your blissfully in love, sometimes your happily single and sometimes you’re in between and make bad judgement calls…

The National – ‘Runaway’


This is the perfect song to remind you that sometimes it’s better to let things go. Also is it humanly possible for a voice to be that low?

What are your fav anti-love songs? Did we miss any or are we just too jaded?