Happy Birthday TAG!

From Club Amber in Sri Hartamas to Loft to Barsonic, the Twilight Actiongirl boys have come a long way as indie rock DJ superstars. They are celebrating their 6th anniversary tonight at Barsonic by calling it ‘The Fountain of Youth’. You can’t seem to escape the word ‘TAG’ when you talk about Friday nights with Bunga, ChaseyLain, Ribut 10:59 and Xu. They have paved the way for so many DJ collectives out there and are still strong monsters on the decks!

Early birds will stand a chance to win goodness of CDs from Sony BMG & Warner Music, clothing gear from Mishka, Adidas and Nike, movie posters, T-shirts and swag from United International Pictures (UIP) too. Be there and don’t forget to Tweet them tonight @twilightaction!

Now, get a little closer with ‘TAG, You’re It’ by Matt Armitage as he let the good times roll. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWILIGHT ACTIONGIRL!

It’s disco time at Barsonic tonight. Go celebrate The Fountain of Youth with Twilight Actiongirl’s 6th Anniversary from 10pm onwards. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook Event page here and go say hi to the boys at www.myspace.com/twilightactiongirl.