Hao Ting EP Exclusive For JUICE Readers

Welcome to the world of drumstep, dubstep, and dnb, aka Rankadank Records. These artists all banded together on one label for the love of BASS! It’s time to find out what this lot has to offer our eardrums.

Hao Ting starts out strongly with label founder and owner, ConRank, and his track ‘It Aint So far’. Dubstep lovers should check out Koya’s remix ConRank’s ‘State Of Play’ for grimy goodness. Drifta’s ‘Moonlighting is sure to please with its airy vocals backed by dnb. Blynk has the deep scary dubstep for those who like their filth.

No matter what BPM you like your bass, there’s something for you on this EP.

1. ConRank ft Nas – It Aint So Far
2. (Koya Remix) ConRank – State of Play (Rankadank)
3. Winnie – Wonder Beyond (Rankadank)
4. (CEE Remix) ConRank – State of Play (Rankadank)
5. Drifta – Moonlighting (Rankadank)
6. (Blynk Remix) ConRank – State Of Play (Rankadank)
7. (Didjelirium Remix) ConRank – State of Play (Rankadank)

Download it for FREE here!

Listen to: ‘State Of Play (Koya Remix)’ ‘It Aint So Far’

For more on Rankadank Records and Conrank head to the official website here.