#HANGERLoveatFirstStride: Kittie YiYi ‘Stand Up’ FW16 Collection

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kittieyiyi 1

Catapulting school life through the lens of KittieYiyi comes the designer’s collection for FW16. The collection serves as a time travel back to the days of schooling where the only worries you had was finishing up memorising the answers for your Sejarah paper. But seeing that this is KittieYiYi’s vision, you can expect an imaginative, wondrous visual stimulus of conventional school uniform reinterpreted in a more fashion forward manner. Silhouettes are kept loose and easy fitting, there’s a straight cut tweed jacket with KittieYiYi’s own cat school badge, followed by loose-fitting dresses and the white pieces off the collection, which are said to be the ‘It’ items as they represent the playfulness and sprightliness of the series.

More from the collection here:

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