Haim: Undeniably Californian

It’s been a while since a classy girl rock band came into the music scene. Dubbed as one of the best new bands of 2012, Haim (pronounced to rhyme with time) is already charming some big names in the scene like Katy Perry, Azealia Banks, and also Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys who was spotted at one of their concerts.

The three Los Angeles sisters Este, Danielle and Alana have released their latest single ‘Don’t Save Me’ after taking a break from touring for their Forever EP. It’s a catchy rock track with nonsensical lyrics that prove that girls do it just as good. With a vibe that comes so effortlessly, lead singer Danielle sings with top-notch vocals and they play their instruments just as well. Not forgetting the catchy chorus mixed with the girl-group harmonies creates a refreshing mix of bubblegum and edge.

This is grade-A stuff from Haim and we are all eagerly anticipating the drop of their first full-length album, which is out early next year. Once you start listening to Haim, it is hard to not wish that you to were a longhaired Californian girl basking in the laid-back lifestyle.